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Save Our Future


Kobe City full backup to you to co-create an innovative solution.
Great ideas with potential impact will have a chance for a Proof of Concept project.


The situation of the coronavirus has placed our world in an unprecedented situation.

To save our future, “knowing our enemy and ourselves” is necessary.
Following the national guidelines; keeping social distancing, reducing travels and closing borders were implemented to slow the spread of the virus.

However, we are recognizing that due to fake news and voluntary stay home order, fear and anxiety about the disease can be overwhelming and cause strong buildup of stress.
We must also work on solving various issues, such as supporting businesses and health care professionals facing difficulties.

To solve these problems, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder, collaboration and/or partnership with government agencies, citizens, enterprises and innovative startups is essential.

To end this battle as soon as possible and save our future, Kobe city supports/backups your challenges.

About Ave
About Ave


For Whom?

Through this program, we are looking for solutions to help all citizens in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. A solution that will help all citizens who are staying at home, support businesses in agriculture, restaurants, lodging/temporary accommodation industry, and service industries, infected persons and their relatives, and medical personnel involved in medical treatment.


Eligible Applicants

We accept the proposal of all startups (including startups outside of Kobe) who are combating to end this deadly disease and/or aim to support citizens.


Quick demonstration/immediate implementation

We, the administrative staff, are working to end this new coronavirus crisis as soon as possible. We are waiting for startup ideas that we can work together.

About Ave

How We Work?


Full online audit(feasibility check)

Coordination with related departments

Implementation of demonstration test -> Implementation: earliest same day

Our Support


Finance to support the development

The upper limit is 500,000 yen / case. payment will be made as soon as possible

Support / Assistance by related department/section

without limit

Stakeholders Arrangement

Maximize the use of Kobe city network


Targeted applicants Startups with technology that aim to solve various problems caused by the new coronavirus
Theme ・Data analysis (eg smart meter x alert)
・Confirmation of risk of infection (eg non-contact body temperature check x alert)
・Support for poor businesses (eg, prepaid usage fees)
・Citizen life support (eg: dissemination of information that can be used now)